about-waka-cropWelcome to the WakaNation – where every customer (affectionately known as Wakafans) gets to swirl and create their own bowls of happiness! Wakaberry is a unique and interactive, soft-serve frozen yoghurt bar, established in Durban, May 2011. We offer only the best 100% REAL frozen yoghurt, which is traditionally fermented. (No powdered products for these froyo fundis!) Our froyo flavours vary from store to store, but customers can expect a wide variety including classics like Strawberry, Vanilla, Mixed Berry,  Chocolate and Cream Soda and quirkier taste sensations like Peanut Butter, Watermelon, Bubblegum and Cheesecake. Toppings wise, for the fit and healthy we offer fresh fruit, nuts, and cereals, and for the downright wicked there are deliciously decadent sweets, chocolates and sauce toppings.


The founders, inspired by the growing “Froyo” industry around the world, saw an opportunity to create something new, fresh and exciting in South Africa. The name Wakaberry was born from the excitement surrounding the 2010 South African Soccer World Cup and the Shakira / Freshly Ground anthem “Waka Waka” that rocked South Africa and the rest of the world.


The founders are born and bred Durbanites. Ken, Michele and David, all agree that it is their goal to make the Wakaberry experience one that will bring a smile to the mind, body and soul. Michele explains “at Wakaberry, we deliver only the best quality frozen yoghurt and toppings, at the right price, creating an authentic, fun and social experience in our stores. Wakaberry is not only about selling frozen yoghurt, but about creating a consistent and memorable Wakaberry experience that resonates with our appropriate target markets.”


Our values are very important to us because they reflect the essence of our brand and how we conduct business.